Recommended Accommodation Options and Prices*


*Prices and availability may vary depending on the date of inquiry. Since April falls within the high season, we strongly recommend the participants to complete hotel bookings sooner than later.



Uçhisar Kaya Hotel (Uçhisar)

Conference Sponsor / Venue of Gala Dinner / Free shuttle to-from Mustafapaşa Campus on 26-28 April 2023


For the 25-29 April period (5 nights), Uçhisar Kaya Hotel has 13 vacant double rooms to be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. The discounted bed & breakfast total price for 1 double room is 90 EUR/night for one guest, 120 EUR/night for two guests, and 160 EUR/night for three guests. All online bookings (with credit card) must be completed by April 17, 2023, 11:59 pm (GMT +3). To book your room with the discounted price; 1) Go to, 2) Click on “Reservation” in the top right corner of the page, 3) Click on “Promo/Corporate Code” to the left of the screen, type in the conference discount code: IDEA2023, 4) Proceed to select room. During the online booking, guest can also book for the Gala Dinner (40 EUR/50 EUR/55 EUR per person depending on the menu selection; see “Conference Gala Dinner”) on April 27, 2023; the 1-day Cappadocia Excursion (65 EUR per person) on April 29, 2023; and the airport shuttle to-from Uçhisar Kaya Hotel that will operate from both Kayseri Airport and Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport (15 EUR one-way).


Elevres Stone House Hotel (Mustafapaşa)

Single Room: 80 Euro/night

Double Room: 80 Euro/night

Triple Room: 110 Euro/night

Contact: (Mr. Onur Günay)

Tel: +90 533 454 54 86


Gül Konakları (Special Price) (Mustafapaşa)

Single Room: 1100 TL/night

Double Room: 1500 TL/night

Triple Room: 2000 TL/night

Contact: (Mr. Burak Keskin)

Tel: +90 384 353 54 86


Sinasos Evleri (Special Price) (Mustafapaşa)

Deluxe Suite: 85 Euro/night (all booked as of 1 February 2023)

Junior Suite: 124 Euro/night

Premium Suite: 150 Euro/night

Contact: (Mr. Yasin Kuzu)

Tel: +90 536 979 5017


Saddle Cave Hotel (Mustafapaşa)

Single Room: N.A

Double Room: 70 Euro/night

Family Suite: 140 Euro/night

Contact: (Mr. Anıl Yıldırım)

Tel: +90 (542) 505 48 50


Akuzun Hotel (Ürgüp)

Single Room: 900 TL/night

Double Room: 1400 TL/night

Triple Room: 1700 TL/night

Contact: (Mr. İsmail Cingil)

Tel: +90 532 373 88 50



Airport/Bus Station Transfers at Arrival/Departure (Optional) 


Guests can book shuttle services from Nevşehir Bus Station, Kayseri Airport, and Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport. More information regarding online shuttle reservations (15 EUR one-way), which must be completed by April 17, 2023, 11:59 pm (GMT +3), can be obtained by contacting